“I have known John for many years and have been blessed in the fact that I always walk away from a conversation with him or a talk of his with something profound to reflect on and re-order my life (once again) back to Christ.

Virtually every time I hear John speak, I am called further and further out of myself.  Every time he shares what he has been reflecting on, I am drawn more and more into the Mystery of Christ and the life of the disciple.

John lead our annual retreat for youth ministers in a way that not only communicated to each of them that he has “been there”, but also that he cares for their souls, for their families, and for their ministries.  His insight into the life of Christ and the life of the disciple of Christ is still felt throughout our diocese.”

FR. MIKE SCHMITZ - Priest, Author, and Nationally Recognized Speaker


“John Beaulieu is among the most powerful presenters I've heard. He lights a fire whenever he speaks, and not just on "stage," but in personal conversation. He's not an effective evangelist because it's something he "does," but rather, because of who he IS. And it's contagious.” 

CHRIS STEFANICK - Founder and President of Real Life Catholic

“When it comes to the topic of making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ I consider John Beaulieu to be the expert, bar none. He is the first person I turn to with questions about evangelization and following the Lord. He is so effective simply because he has been faithfully following the call of the Lord for decades. John brings with him years of practical experience as well and soon after meeting him you will understand the powerful ways God is using him to advance the Kingdom! He will be a blessing to you and all those you serve.” 

DAVE VANVICKLE - Director of Evangelization, St. Alexis Catholic Church, Wexford, PA


“If someone is looking to attend or host a Life in the Spirit Seminar, I would highly recommend John Beaulieu.  His personal testimony, knowledge of the Charismatic dimension of the Church, faithful Roman Catholic theology, and genuine leadership skills bring about a good moment of personal Pentecost that is needed for each of us to be disciples in the New Evangelization.”

 FR. ANDREW CURRY - Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Fort Wayne/ South Bend

“John, today was THE BEST day ever at our church!   I am so encouraged!  Thank you so much for allowing God to use you as He saw fit.  His presence was felt and I have already heard much positive feedback.  Please come back.”

Lisa, Mission Participant

“Thank you, John for a blessed mission. I wanted to let you know that I am getting a lot of positive feedback.  In fact, I just spoke to a young lady that has been on a feeding tube for years due to food allergies that attended and now is interested in becoming a Catholic.  Her testimony is amazing!”

Bill, Mission Coordinator, Transfiguration Parish, Fincastle, VA