I was raised by loving parents who made sure I made it to Mass on Sunday and Faith Formation on Wednesday nights.  But for all the time I spent in Church, I never let God into my heart.


Right after high school, I went on a retreat where I encountered the mercy of God in the confessional and was touched by the Holy Spirit in such a profound way, that I gave up all my college plans and dreams and instead served as a missionary with the National Evangelization Teams out of St. Paul, MN.  That year of ministry laid the foundation for the great adventure that my life has become.

Upon graduating from Franciscan University, I spent 14 years serving as a youth minister.  During that time, I walked with teens through divorce, death, addiction, and pain – always seeing the power of God’s love to change and transform their hearts.

In 2003, I came back to Franciscan University where I served for ten years as the Director of Youth Outreach, overseeing the growing body of conferences across the United States and Canada.   This past year, I was named Director of Evangelization and Engagement for the Christian Outreach Office. I also taught youth ministry courses as an adjunct professor in the Catechetics Department.

The past five years have been filled with many tests that have led to an amazing testimony.  From my mom’s death from cancer to my wife’s battle with cancer to my son’s car accident and incredible healing, I can honestly say that life has never been harder but also never sweeter.  

God continues to reveal to me, without doubt, that nothing can separate us from the love of God and it is my heart-felt desire that everyone comes to know what He has taught me.

I have been blessed to be able to preach the gospel to over 100,000 people across the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Right now, I feel a particular call to expand that ministry. Please pray for me, my family, and my ministry as I seek God and where He is leading me.

John lives in Steubenville, Ohio with his lovely wife of 29 years, Lisa, and their five children:  Andrew, Madeleine, Catherine, JohnPaul, and Thèrése. In his down time John loves playing guitar, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, and Michigan football.